Del Shores Master Classes

By Illumination Theatre Productions (other events)

Saturday, July 27 2013 9:00 AM 6:00 PM

Offering TWO Del Shores Master Classes!


                                                                      Saturday July 27th * 9AM - 1PM
                                                                  LIMITED TO 12 DRIVEN ACTORS!

Having gone through many rounds of auditions in my career, I see many actors make the same mistake over and over.  THEY DO NOT TRUST THEIR GUT.  Many great actors second guess the choices that their instrument, their instincts dictate.  Many strong actors then get in their heads -- and make safer choices, and their work suffers as a result.

Why? One word.  


You start dissecting, start questioning -- "Is this choice too risky?", "Am I even right for this role?", "Maybe they want (fill in blank)", "Maybe they want more.",  "Maybe they want less.",  "Maybe they don't want me!".  The monkeys start chattering in your head and the work is diluted as a result!

If you are second guessing your choices, your gut... if you change those organic "gut" choices, it is my strong opinion that your work is suffering as a result and you are costing yourself jobs, roles and great performances. 

So -- I want to spend some time with a few actors who need me to help them get out of their heads and back to trusting their gut!

This workshop is very simple.  I will start the day with a lecture/discussion and then we will work!  You show up with NOTHING prepared.  I will supply you with a short monologue (written by me) during the workshop.  I will guide you through making fast, from-the-gut, risk-taking, STRONG choices.  You will then have 20 minutes to go out, work on the material, then return with one rule -- YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE CHOICES that you've made FROM YOUR GUT in our rapid-fire decision making process.

All ages and all levels are welcome.


  Saturday July 27th * 2PM - 6PM
                                                                     LIMITED TO 12 FANTASTIC ACTORS 

I love this workshop because I get to do what I love most - direct actors!  

This workshop is not for beginners.  It's for those who are already working or feel that they are ready to work.  If you feel that is you and you are ready to take your acting to yet another level, this is your workshop.  Advanced youth are very welcome. Parents, just know language and scene content will not be censored.

As soon as the workshop is full, you will be sent a scene with a role you are right for (about 5 to 7 minutes long) to memorize and prepare.   You will show up FULLY prepared and meet your scene partner at the workshop, much like what happens in the real world of film. 

The first 30 minutes of the workshop with be short lecture and discussion about acting.   You will then meet your scene partner and have a thirty minute rehearsal period.  We will then begin performing the scenes.  I like the actors to show me their scene first, then I begin working with you.   Each pair will get thirty minutes, and I promise, you will grow and learn much in that time!

The goal?  To make that next break-through in your acting.  Stronger choices, taking risks, being a fool, getting rid of those nerves, claiming your star power.   And of course, career advice and inspiration.  And you will work your craft!

You will also learn as much or more by watching your fellow actors -- and I promise, you will see some amazing work!

Del Shores

When in doubt, make a fool of yourself.

There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth.

So what the hell, leap.
Cynthia Heimel